Cup of Sugar

you're there with a craving for the coconut milk that polishes my skin, my neck, lavished with lavender and my honey-lemon stained tongue with a faint fragrance of a hard working day wet bark and grass, earth cigarette smoke, motor oil and rum or maybe dry erase, coffee and wood shavings in any case, you're... Continue Reading →

My Pardon

I leave my dark work to karma, your blows will only produce poetry after I've turned the other cheek, uplifting me -B. Brown (art courtesy of Pinterest, but if anyone knows the artist, please enlightenment me because I love this style)  

The Abandoned

moaning prayers and profanities roaming, receding under bridges haunting highway entrances, dumpster diving for foam boxes shoes and canes and the flicker of mercy of an orange cigarette butt to keep pushing stuffed shopping carts with sheets, coats on top of cans on top of garbage bags rattling below a spotless, waving American flag -... Continue Reading →

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