So who has me now?
Displacing me and going about,
Forgiving the injustice,
Accepting the happening,
Lapping my wounds,
It stings and it shows,
The pain to feel

Hushing me tenderly,
Sick of my whining and crying.
Pushing me to surrender,
He’s been there.
But my skin’s scabbed too thick.
The slow and painful
Peel, only then could I listen.
I need sharp love that numbs.

So, I see you clearly
Holding a knife to my vein
Every day, the edge so fine
It nicks to trick on my pages
In stages: doubt, fear then you,
In my music and side views,
Charming and soothing me

Then we weep again,
Exacting demise on
My shameless traditions
Exercising a right in me
That exposes me and ignites me,
Leveling me to your plane
I live again,
Never to sleep again

– B. Brown


pistols in the dirt
heating my earth
wishing through a scope
until they dare
come for me
with too many chips
on my post
I let the ringing speak the most
when they come close,
peeping the throne and
ignoring the bones, and
readings everywhere, and
the odds are scarce
they shouldn’t have bet
on my despair,
it flares

– B. Brown

Comfort for the Clock-smith

Said my soul, in It’s sleep,
upon remedy,
“Was my ego really so blinding
I didn’t see the mass of Unknown
timing me?”

We are children reluctant to sleep
because of what we think we will miss
But there will be more afterwards
Because going out
Implies coming in
and after being up for so long,
we’ll definitely need it.
Try to be less afraid of
what the next day
will bring

– B. Brown

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Daily Prompt: Pamper

via Daily Prompt: Pamper

am I asking for luxury?
tease my stagnant mind
when it’s hard to define
my place here,
pamper my curiosity
let me tremble at your feet,
you keep watch
to hug your leg
and cry into your thigh,
pet me while I surrender
to hinder the madness
is all I need, conceived
in the weakest parts of me
that flutter naturally
within security, is a creed
pestering me
to love wholeheartedly
so, why would I ask
for anything less
than what I already am
as a whole?

– B. Brown


The sky turned inside out,
The sun shook the ground
And the elements grated on me
Even as I sleep,
And I hope you can see me
Idling a hundred floors down,
What else can you see
From that high?
I can cope knowing this
Joke was just taken too
Seriously, you’re up in a suite
Waiting for me,
And they’re all in the lobby
Rooting for me, unearthing
My fortune and faith
Just ahead of me
And I’ll play along, this game
Just hurts however short
It may be, it’s just, you still
Feel so far away from me…

– B. Brown

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How to Make Outside In

Read for fun,
study for growth.
Practice your vocabulary,
writing their definitions and sounding them out.

Watch a show you wouldn’t normally choose
and then listen to a song that isn’t your
usual groove.

Talk to people, examine their views.

Be loving and kind towards the most
awful people.

Don’t play yourself, anoint yourself,
don’t wait for someone else to do it.

After that, go for a walk in the rain,
feel this manifestation of pain.

Touch her bark, but avoid picking his petals,
only take as much as you need.

Keep yourself clean and mentally steady.

Accept that chances will be chances,
it’s all one big happening anyway

Now go watch volcanoes shoot ice sheets
or the stars rise from the Atlantic.

Bring Him In, He’s not an outsider.
After all, He didn’t bring you into
this world, He brought you out of Him.

Take a swim through the earth,
afterwards, surf the sky,
sound out His fragrance
study Her stride.
Make what’s above you, part of you,
what’s right, make it left,
observe while blind

then come back and tell me what you find.

– B. Brown

Remind Thyself

I like to think that I am among the favorites because what were the chances that I could be here, where I am today, instead of somewhere under there where that hurting gentleman is or anywhere over there where that drained lady is. I receive little hints throughout the day to remind me that I am loved, so loved that I am spared so I can proceed with my life-forwarding endeavors. I know that I am fortunate in a lot of ways so I try to put my allowance to good use.

My mind doesn’t always wake up as it should, though. Some days, I slip out of bed with a minor case of amnesia, I beat myself up so bad the night before. I question where I come from, who was I intended to be or what am I supposed to be doing here? Why are these things happening to me? And under that, a sense of homesickness. My soul has the presence of mind to know that I’ve strayed a bit into oppressive conditions, but my mind, my mind lags, recovering from shock.

Then I look around and things start to feel familiar. This gave me hope and that gave me drive. He gave me space and she gave me pride. He gave me resilience and she gave me acuity. He gave me regard and she gave me dignity. I grew up deciphering the tides, an anointed navigator given the stars, moon and sun as my reigning guides. I was put in a hole and not for punishment, but to become attuned to my senses, those which are suppressed by trivialities ringing loudly.

I wasn’t expected to stay standing through every earthquake, I learned. Some were intended to make me crumble because it was about that time to rebuild. It’s then that the most important piece is shaken free and it all comes back to me as a long awaited reverie that resurrects me from my burial. I am pulled from the rumble to see my sacred grounds settling. And yes, more life awaits me, as far as I can see. I am a sum of love. The hardship just comes symptomatically.

-B. Brown

Daily Prompt: Glorious

via Daily Prompt: Glorious

Glorious be to The Most High
the One who allows it,
the One who wills it
I will serve for your grace,
accept with grace your distastes
I praise your Happenings
pray for your purging
rebel in your urging
and revere your Merging,
Glorious be to The Most High,
my Love, my mother and my father,
my air and water, texture and flavor
my Savior, I walk with and through
only You can have me
meat, muscle, bone and soul
Your child, Your Horse
Your wrath, Your passion,
to fashion me as an image of a She
beholding He, oh Glorious be to
The Most High who loves me

– B. Brown

Daily Prompt: Recreate

via Daily Prompt: Recreate

fix your face, your distaste
breeds second-hand waste
all that collected gunk
from too funk
gotcha praise stunk
outta the place,
hate on your own time,
the attitude and frown lines
vandalizing your holiness.
what will it take to ease your mind?
why so reluctant to find
the Easter eggs
in the grand scheme of things?
it’s only temporary
might as well eat
while you’re still meat
and bones, disorientate
in your own time zones
your light is prone
because you wised wrong
feeling yourself
but the credit
can only stretch so long
you can’t lose
your sense of grace,
it would behoove you
to recreate your scope,
nurture your hope
put a smile on your face
and concentrate the divine
that holds you, within you
the very same that moves you.
The only One that saves you.

– B. Brown


They loom so subtlety,
Safety illusions
That dazzle in the twilight,
That strong arm the horizon
As a silent struggle
Between daylight
And the night life.

And the sky got so massive
Once I chopped my way
From the concrete palace,
Standing three inches deep
In the earth, smelling five years
Of noted self-worth.
A break away from virtual reality
To step into a nurtured vitality
That breeds a camaraderie
I’ve only known between
The three of me.

The spotlight narrows
As the stage is flanked on all sides.
The marsh, quieted by a rolling
Overcast, the same which didn’t pass
But snatched everything
In my peripheral
Until it’s capacity surpassed
The means of my reasoning.

I’ve never known it to echo
My serenity or trigger
The homesickness that arrests me.
It’s quality to mute
My favorite distractions,
Savoring my reaction
With a temptation to draw
From my sacred

Paying homage to the ones
That survived for my conception
Who’ve resurrected my perception,
I take in the intermission
With grace.
Snuggling into space
Sending up a sigh of relief
Though brief,
It’s good to see
What really surrounds me.

-B. Brown