He was sure about seeing me

clearly. He wasn’t.

So, he thought I flashed

When I wasn’t so quick

To give, as if I’m in surplus.

As if id be so helpless

As to attach to him, but my whim

Would be stronger than

Anything he could ever fend.

He wasn’t hearing me clearly

When I offered my exit,

He’s reckless.

And with someone so prompted

You’d  have to pray to see,

Too soft to touch

So my words are rough,

Never mind yesterday’s

All time high.

He knows what I want

Him to know, me

Aside from the deaths

And glories earned

Internally. Alongside

My trips and shit flips, 

Never mind its what he needs, 

My passion in other places, 

Four too many faces

For him to witness, so

Soon and unapologetic, 

So rampant

And difiant, 


last night’s




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