I’m Sorry We Failed You

I thought your good days were just as divine as mine,
that you’re bad days were never anything that couldn’t be scrubbed off.
I thought there were video game nights with way too much soda and
passive days that allowed you to recuperate.
I thought your daughter’s voice would be your escape,
And your tether to this earth.
I thought you had the option of cruise control,
to reach inside and readjust while the body retraced.
I thought there was at least a crutch,
something to blow or, at least, saturate.
To have something so blunt infiltrate and pilfer your estate,
your sense of self-preservation slipping with each downfall,
Each setback was a direct message,
personally received from an abstract happening
until you dreamed of her every night,
without ever knowing what she really looked like.
The words to her melody were at the tip of your tongue
even though you never heard her sing.
You craved her but mistook her for her twin.
And she was the last decision you ever made for yourself,
to show us all you will forever be kept to yourself.

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