A Penchant for Her Passion

via Daily Prompt: Penchant

All eyes were on you
with your sights on me,
the thief, the bitch
with a superiority complex
figuring haphazardly with
your entitlement,
but my penchant for singeing
solace, inflamed passion,
buffed your blow
because you didn’t know
about my threshold,
the fragment of your
confabulation, harbored
by our generation, is a pill
best taken straight
so my tolerance can relate
to you coming for me.

I accept you, you can’t do anything
I haven’t already done to myself.

With the foreplay lost on you
while I savor your wrath
sucking on spite
as if it were my own,
you fed me
and were consumed,
despite the flare and your glare,
you can’t abuse me,
that’s the shit that made me,
my penchant for all things passion,
my alimony you cannot ration.

-B. Brown

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