Daily Prompt: Thorny

via Daily Prompt: Thorny

Your fragrance swallows me into a peace
as I stain your sheets,
still clothed
as thorny kisses nick my skin.

Your breath, a subtle base
to prompt my chorus
but I pressed the groove
’cause the TLC would only come
passed due, after my womb
turned blue from the absence
of your essence.

A petal for every flick
of the tongue, every anxious word
to fall soundlessly
as you nip me in,
a groan for every check in,
your lids flutter in my vision
and I begin fallin’

And it’s the only time
I’m not afraid to hit the ground,
when you’ve dampened it
so deeply, no other man
can find standing,
almost cruel in your grandstanding
because we know
it keeps me panting.

You just like to see me seethe,
pricking myself
to catch a lung full
before you go dormant.

Before you think it’s okay
to be selfish with your adornments.

-B. Brown

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