Daily Prompt: Recreate

via Daily Prompt: Recreate

fix your face, your distaste
breeds second-hand waste
all that collected gunk
from too funk
gotcha praise stunk
outta the place,
hate on your own time,
the attitude and frown lines
vandalizing your holiness.
what will it take to ease your mind?
why so reluctant to find
the Easter eggs
in the grand scheme of things?
it’s only temporary
might as well eat
while you’re still meat
and bones, disorientate
in your own time zones
your light is prone
because you wised wrong
feeling yourself
but the credit
can only stretch so long
you can’t lose
your sense of grace,
it would behoove you
to recreate your scope,
nurture your hope
put a smile on your face
and concentrate the divine
that holds you, within you
the very same that moves you.
The only One that saves you.

– B. Brown

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