How to Make Outside In

Read for fun,
study for growth.
Practice your vocabulary,
writing their definitions and sounding them out.

Watch a show you wouldn’t normally choose
and then listen to a song that isn’t your
usual groove.

Talk to people, examine their views.

Be loving and kind towards the most
awful people.

Don’t play yourself, anoint yourself,
don’t wait for someone else to do it.

After that, go for a walk in the rain,
feel this manifestation of pain.

Touch her bark, but avoid picking his petals,
only take as much as you need.

Keep yourself clean and mentally steady.

Accept that chances will be chances,
it’s all one big happening anyway

Now go watch volcanoes shoot ice sheets
or the stars rise from the Atlantic.

Bring Him In, He’s not an outsider.
After all, He didn’t bring you into
this world, He brought you out of Him.

Take a swim through the earth,
afterwards, surf the sky,
sound out His fragrance
study Her stride.
Make what’s above you, part of you,
what’s right, make it left,
observe while blind

then come back and tell me what you find.

– B. Brown

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