So who has me now?
Displacing me and going about,
Forgiving the injustice,
Accepting the happening,
Lapping my wounds,
It stings and it shows,
The pain to feel

Hushing me tenderly,
Sick of my whining and crying.
Pushing me to surrender,
He’s been there.
But my skin’s scabbed too thick.
The slow and painful
Peel, only then could I listen.
I need sharp love that numbs.

So, I see you clearly
Holding a knife to my vein
Every day, the edge so fine
It nicks to trick on my pages
In stages: doubt, fear then you,
In my music and side views,
Charming and soothing me

Then we weep again,
Exacting demise on
My shameless traditions
Exercising a right in me
That exposes me and ignites me,
Leveling me to your plane
I live again,
Never to sleep again

– B. Brown

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