They loom so subtlety, Safety illusions That dazzle in the twilight, That strong arm the horizon As a silent struggle Between daylight And the night life. And the sky got so massive Once I chopped my way From the concrete palace, Standing three inches deep In the earth, smelling five years Of noted self-worth. A... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Thorny

via Daily Prompt: Thorny Your fragrance swallows me into a peace as I stain your sheets, still clothed as thorny kisses nick my skin. Your breath, a subtle base to prompt my chorus but I pressed the groove 'cause the TLC would only come passed due, after my womb turned blue from the absence of... Continue Reading →

A Penchant for Her Passion

via Daily Prompt: Penchant All eyes were on you with your sights on me, the thief, the bitch with a superiority complex figuring haphazardly with your entitlement, but my penchant for singeing solace, inflamed passion, buffed your blow because you didn't know about my threshold, the fragment of your confabulation, harbored by our generation, is... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry We Failed You

I thought your good days were just as divine as mine, that you're bad days were never anything that couldn't be scrubbed off. I thought there were video game nights with way too much soda and passive days that allowed you to recuperate. I thought your daughter's voice would be your escape, And your tether... Continue Reading →


He was sure about seeing me clearly.¬†He wasn't. So, he thought I flashed When I wasn't so quick To give, as if I'm in surplus. As if id be so helpless As to attach to him, but my whim Would be stronger than Anything he could ever fend. He wasn't hearing me clearly When I... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit

My mirror ache to see Who I dream When I'm feeling me And I'm digging her I'm getting out of my head, Putting worth in the work. An ounce within This collective conscious Omnipotent and No mistakes were made When it wrote my mission Is to come to fruition 'cause the regrets Displace the scenes... Continue Reading →

Dirty Bonnie

Pocket block devils With grit to keep it hot Never seen a check But wads swell the socks Every day, spilling rocks Into the concrete wreck To bleed out the minds, Hearts and faiths. Streetlight butterflies Supplying the wraiths. Funking up sister's kitchen Their lives re-framed With stunk out linens And utensils used in profane.... Continue Reading →

The Kapuas

In 2005, a new species of snake was discovered around the Kapuas River in the Indonesian part of the Borneo Island. The snake expert that caught the reddish-brown, poisonous snake put it in a container and when he went to retrieve it, the snake had turned almost completely white. This skill is noted in the... Continue Reading →


He was waiting for me on the balcony yesterday morning. He smiled awkwardly and I said, "Oh, that's right. Your bag." I went back inside, struggled with a black duffle bag and brought it out for my neighbor. He didn't need me to hold onto the bag anymore. I didn't ask why. He nodded, then... Continue Reading →

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