there was a tether tugged from behind me awareness hooked and sliding through a crack in my spine I turned and he was already looking at me from feet and feet away yet somehow the distance closed with that one glimpse of anonymous need... two empaths crossing paths in an under-dressed fortuity until he ended... Continue Reading →

Instant Gratitude

you smile at me, as if those lips were custom made for me... this persona you've got me situated in is it straining or am I swimming? you think I'm flying because I try to think before I speak as if I cared so much to waste my time trying for you to find me,... Continue Reading →


I didn't know how turbulent finding myself would be. It meant that I had to shift through all the bullshit that was blocking my intuition. It meant I had to be honest, and accept every element of myself and my history. I'm remembering dreams I'd forgotten, emotions I never dealt with and a state of... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Crushes…

you spin, surrounded in a circle of wonderful disasters knowing that with a little more work, you could get them to come to Be so you say to me, with just one life to live, I don't know which one to run with, but that's easy to tell, I think, these days just like with... Continue Reading →

Poetry Contest

This is the first poetry contest I've entered. I've got some pretty damn good competitors too. KaylaAnn sure knows how to throw a party


I am a writer, I knew this, I am a writer, I felt this, I am a writer, I saw this, I am a writer I heard this when the television sets and the curtains barricade when the pure sleep and the doubt leaks when I settle back Home and the mind slows to a... Continue Reading →


who will I trust you stroll just like all the others, with generic attempts slumping to accept decomposure as I see through you, I'm self contained I see the augment of others through your mirrored musings so who would I laugh with? as your delight is practiced with naked tactics I've countered too many wars... Continue Reading →

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