It’ll come
after you’ve stopped looking at the clock
out the window and down the road,
when you’re done wearing the carpet in
trying to picture it, hear it
give it hair, lips and grace
spray it with choking perfume and dressing it
in what others would call ‘good’

It’ll come
when you stop judging it
and putting words in its mouth,
after you admit you’ve been foolish,
careless and arrogant
because it can’t come under pressure

It’ll come once you’ve call it like it is:
risky, chancy down-right intimidating,
it loves getting commended, loves
to make you uncomfortable
because nothing gives
until it takes a little something
from you, so don’t resist
or feel some type of way
when it takes its time or flashes
after it’s closed the distance
and you shouldn’t want it any other way:
raw, unpredictable, maniacal

It won’t give you anything less
but you may be able to make it
into something more if you only
really, truly love it

– B. Brown

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