It’s Not Me…

it’s not that I didn’t appreciate
the self-made gifts, or the tiny trinkets that trickled
for whatever reason while they were in season
yes, I listened when you spoke
and I learned not to speak during
just as I learned you weren’t there to hear me
and that was just fine, whatever you needed
we know everything
I’ve managed to slipped in was genuine
just like your favorite sad song sung
louder and hotter
until we all broiled
in resentful, cloudy tones
I endured ’cause you weren’t wrong
as no one else was ever right
still, you seemed to try
as the bricks I pried
relieved you’ve never seen me cry
you reminded me of what you are just in time,
right after I came to accept who you are,
a fraud

– B. Brown

via DailyPrompt: Fraud

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