$#!+s and Giggles

what you frettin’ for?
I thought the hook up was good?
yet you’re hanging on me
wishing I would
chill on me, what’s happening?
what happened to the heavy hand?
you knew this was the plan,
hit you up when the going’s tough
skip a block, see ya’ later, I’ll keep in touch

touch and go, that’s what I choose to know,
and I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough
mat’ fact, I’m not sure if the other night
was right, your game slicker,
tongue quicker
than your speeding bullet
and your mind wasn’t right
sippin’ on a shot a shine
was when you swallowed my shine

Where you at? You ain’t hit me back.
I’m starting to think you got another on the side

another on the side? When did we become one?
for a while, this was all for fun
should’ve known you were a light-weight
when I held my back straight
No, no, this is my life
no one is gonna’ creep inside

and that goes for you too,
yeah, especially you.
’cause you’re making me choose
with nothing on your plate to lose
What’s good?

Hey, I thought you were swinging my way,
I just got some fire in, go on and come way

so, then, what happened to the other day
when I was a dime a dozen,
the shoe fit and now it doesn’t
since I deflect the cussin’
and I’m still out here hustlin’
because no one grapples for me
you couldn’t even see me
until your bed turned up empty
when you needed a lovely
to prove you’re noteworthy
but no amount of poison
can lead me to crawl to thee
so, you must’ve mistaken me
for piece needing a clip
when I require nine yards,
and a practiced grip
You hear me?

– B. Brown

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