“We’ve discussed this.”
*glances off to the side
“You got me through a lot today. You were very well-behaved. I’m impressed.”
“It was a good day for me right?”
“Yes, it was. You showed a lot of discipline. But now, your turn is over.”
“But I can help-“
“You already have, you’ve given me a lot to process, a lot to sift through.”
“Good, shit right?”
“Yes, trust. Real shit. You’re getting better and better. But she’s waited her turn patiently.”
“She seems fine to me.”
“Yeah to you, but she needs her exercise too.”
*rolls eyes
“You know she’s still recovering.”
“Come on,” I say under my breathe, “We don’t want her to have another episode. We can’t afford that right now.”
*shifts weight, knowingly
“You’re exhausted anyways. Just sit back and relax.”
“And we’ll do this again tomorrow, same time, same space?”
*smiles in relief “Same time, same space.”

– B. Brown

This is for those who’ve felt orphaned, who feel like they’ve had to raise themselves. You’re not alone and I feel for you. It’s hard disciplining yourself, ain’t it? Just keep pushing to be better than you were the day before. You can only get stronger.

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

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