Poetry Contest

This is the first poetry contest I’ve entered. I’ve got some pretty damn good competitors too. KaylaAnn sure knows how to throw a party


I am a writer,
I knew this,
I am a writer,
I felt this,
I am a writer,
I saw this,
I am a writer
I heard this
when the television sets
and the curtains barricade
when the pure sleep
and the doubt leaks
when I settle back Home
and the mind slows
to a creep
and my heart leaps
and the Will comes
back into focus
I know this,
I am a writer,
I feel this,
I am a writer,
I see this,
I am I writer
I hear this
I am a writer

I can do this

– B. Brown

When I feel discouraged, sometimes I’ll do a little chant, say a little prayer or hum a little tune to cultivate some inspiration. What ever it takes to be persistent, right? It’s okay to take an L as long as you have ways to get up and keep gaining…

(image courtesy of Pinterest)


who will I trust
you stroll
just like all the others,

with generic attempts
slumping to accept

as I see through you,
I’m self contained
I see the augment of others
through your mirrored musings

so who would I laugh with?
as your delight is practiced
with naked tactics
I’ve countered
too many wars ago

when in the dark
you’ll feel just as smug
as all the others
without texture
to foster
how can this be

I marinate in
an identity
that requires

and nothing fastens
with you,
with nothing to adhere to

who will I be trusting?
who will I be loving?

– B. Brown

DailyPrompt: Identity

(image: painting by Shin Kwangho)