there was a tether tugged from behind me
awareness hooked and sliding
through a crack in my spine
I turned and he was already looking at me
from feet and feet away
yet somehow the distance
closed with that one glimpse
of anonymous need…

two empaths crossing paths
in an under-dressed fortuity
until he ended up mixing with me
our heat, bubbling familiarity
until I had to look away
before the person of the season
caught wind of our secret converse
our metaphysical traverse
blatant, which only makes it worse
when he comes to stand behind me
to press against me
when the other wasn’t looking
to jump start the passion
even though I wasn’t looking
but I feel him, he knows me
the reason why it’s confounding

he teased the beast I was confining
for the sake of others binding
with me and he left to quickly,
taking his with him while I testified
with an ethereal whim…

I’ve been aching for so long

– B. Brown

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

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