It started off feeling like an unproductive day. It took me longer than usual to work myself into that head space that allowed me to put words to paper. When that happens, it’s like it gets harder to breathe. You have to keep your cool and trust that your livelihood will flow before you’re suffocated. I was able to cough up one small poem and I took it ’cause beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll take whatever He allows me. 

I didn’t realize it at the time but that poem was the first bone to hit the ground. Eventually, my thoughts, my drive and my intuition collaborated with that Higher Source and delivered a message to me. It was the confirmation I didn’t know I was waiting for. It came to me in a flash, lasting only a matter of seconds but showing me the internal destination of the route I was currently on.

It was when I was editing, tagging and re-tagging, reorganizing the contents of project when He revealed to me that I was exactly where I was supposed to be if I wanted to continue on cultivating the woman I wanted to be. In that revelation, I felt the support of my ancestors, my mother’s approval and my own relief. It was brief, just a taste of what I was currently cooking, but I’ve never felt anything so gratifying.

I didn’t know that by accepting who and what I am, what I’ve gone through and what I probably will go through, that I would develop such an intimate relationship with the Unseen Happenings of this world. I didn’t know that opening myself up, however excruciating and tedious as it was, would afford me such a connection. I’m so grateful for the correspondences.

– B. Brown