It started off feeling like an unproductive day. It took me longer than usual to work myself into that head space that allowed me to put words to paper. When that happens, it’s like it gets harder to breathe. You have to keep your cool and trust that your livelihood will flow before you’re suffocated. I was able to cough up one small poem and I took it ’cause beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll take whatever He allows me. 

I didn’t realize it at the time but that poem was the first bone to hit the ground. Eventually, my thoughts, my drive and my intuition collaborated with that Higher Source and delivered a message to me. It was the confirmation I didn’t know I was waiting for. It came to me in a flash, lasting only a matter of seconds but showing me the internal destination of the route I was currently on.

It was when I was editing, tagging and re-tagging, reorganizing the contents of project when He revealed to me that I was exactly where I was supposed to be if I wanted to continue on cultivating the woman I wanted to be. In that revelation, I felt the support of my ancestors, my mother’s approval and my own relief. It was brief, just a taste of what I was currently cooking, but I’ve never felt anything so gratifying.

I didn’t know that by accepting who and what I am, what I’ve gone through and what I probably will go through, that I would develop such an intimate relationship with the Unseen Happenings of this world. I didn’t know that opening myself up, however excruciating and tedious as it was, would afford me such a connection. I’m so grateful for the correspondences.

– B. Brown

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  1. I really loved this post! So wise and well said! I love poems and posts on creating writings and poems!

    Thank you so much for following me! I hope you will find my words worthy of your precious time!

  2. This comment is not meant to insult in any way – just a difference of personal opinion. This post intrigued me under your new one. These things mention – flashes of perhaps intuition you think are being handed you by a higher being. I don’t believe in God in any a Christian would – as an entity that loves and cares about you. I have the same things – the insights that can open doors if your eyes are open wide enough see them. So where do you think mine come from? You see, I believe that god-like wisdom and knowledge comes from within, not from the outside. We earn the good and the bad that happens to us through the causes me make and the effects we create – for our life. Nothing happens to us by accident. But at the end of the day or at the end of your life, what matters the most – did your faith help you make sense your life and are you happy? There is more than one path to happiness.

    1. I certainly agree. Honestly, God and everything that HeSheIt is is too much for me to completely comprehend, let alone articulate it. It’s just kind of hard to talk about what my Truth is without having to use a subject, and there isn’t a term in any language that does anyone’s Truth any justice (I hope I’m making sense)
      I feel there is a balance between the inner and outer causes of life, love, inspiration and all the above. We are not without God and God is not without us because we are one. The only difference between our beliefs, I feel, is purely semantic. I don’t feel insulted, I feel blessed to have your take. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and speak with me 🙂

      1. You’re right. Sometimes it is easier to explain when “God” has form. Over the centuries the entire concept has changed – words given knew meaning – and often used too manipulate. When I see people using it as reason to hate and hurt others, and say only they can be right, they get so far away from applying it to their lives to become better people. The excuse is often used that it doesn’t matter because they are “saved”. But no one can get away from the effects from the causes they make – good and bad. Even that is in the bible as “”You reap what you sow” – all of the time. Not sometimes. Praying to have something outside yourself fix your life, without trying to understand what you did to cause it and take responsibility for your life instead of blaming something or someone else means you will most likely repeat it. This concept isn’t taught within the structure of organized religion (or no one would give them money!) Learning to make sense of this fascinates me – how the puzzle pieces fit. You seem to have good head on your shoulders. Have you ever thought about why you are who you are? Why are you – you? Why you write poetry? Why are certain people in your life? That is much deeper question than most “Christians” can answer, because the answer is usually that God made them who they are. hmmm . ..

        Lastly, yes, there is balance between the microcosm ( internal) and macrocosm (external) and one reflects the other like a mirror. Who you are is reflected in the environment that surrounds you. That is why you can’t run away from problems. Or leave town and start over, or quit a unhappy job. You take your environment with you. Change on the inside = change your life. ( I have a tendancy to talk a lot 🙂

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