Low Key

no, you ain’t seen me on your screen
in a while, I’ve been busy
trying to cop a pile
for a while now

and it’s not that you haven’t
been on my mind, it’s just that
peace is so hard to find

when you can’t think
and you can’t breathe, smothered
by others personalities

baby, I’m still learning me
and I’m digging me, that’s why
I gotta keep it pushing
so I can fly

I need to fly, it’s live or die
and I can’t see the stars
on my toes, from this side

I’ve had enough hysteria
I can’t take the mindless
bluffs, the heartless cuffs

the soulless love
and I know there’s more
out there for me, waiting
calling, longing

so please forgive me for falling
I’m dawning and I need

but when I reach my peak,
I promise, my shine
will ultimately
come through…

– B. Brown

(drawing by Clara Lieu. You can find more here:

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