Green Light

yeah I twisted my hair, painted my nails…
oh that picture? I got this from the mall
just had to make sure you heard my call

and, I don’t plan on getting dressed

those jeans you wanted to wear?
oh, they’re in the washer, it’s a shame
because they mold against your frame
in the most luxurious way, and
they’re the loudest when I hear you undress

but those’ll do.

naw, keep ’em on,
don’t worry
I’ll get to them in a few.

my opposition ain’t from attitude, trust
my proposition is maybe we could
enjoy bathing under the moon
Where it’s dim, and soft, trust
with us, it’s lust a whim,
you don’t need your phone or keys
you’re staying here with me and the drinks,
and my hijinks
don’t trip what’s happening out
on those streets

you’re here with me

and see, you’ve been on my mind
since you rung up my line
waiting for the right time
to slide through with your rhymes

no lie, you know how to speak to me,
you know how to touch me,
you know how to make me feel lovely
you know just hot to control me

so let those shoulders do the talking,
if there’s gonna be more of that,
and make it hot, baby
I won’t stop ’till
we’ve had our fill
your game is real
grounding me, I’m always down
for the more trill
but you can set your steel aside
take your watch off
and the ear piece
ain’t no better place to hide
than the safety between my thighs

the only colors on sight tonight
will be my hazy greens and trippy blues,
because it’s been too long since I’ve had you,
the brown of my skin,
with the brown of your eyes
and the crown of my hair
through your fingertips,
our bounds collide and confide
in each other’s grip. I slip
into the black of you.
you’re as heavy as a black man should be.
harboring generations of liberated endeavors
and it’s my pleasure
to excavate those treasures

ha, I’m the only one
getting the drop on you tonight

because tonight I gotta different craving
it’s anxious for something raging
something pensively propagating
my tension and…

what you taking your hat off for?
that’s the one I adore
when it’s crooked to the side
and you’re gazing at me
with a promise of dominance
but you can recline and
let the wurd work unwind,
it’s how I drew you in
It’ how we’ve defined our crime,
you buck and I ride
no one else would feel just as good.
nothing else could
tremble walls just as good

because one on one
we’ve challenged each other
fought each other with no prevail
because we mirror one another
we’re equals in this prequel

we resonate something high,
let’s orchestrate
and see where our sighs fly,
what nations collide
what tides rise
I see you as beauty in my mind’s eye
and, yeah, I need you inside me
like the breath that binds me

boi, you steal the show,
so o.g. slow with it
just make it phat baby
I need you,
I’ve been holding it…

-B. Brown

(image: Bandit of Seduction by McFreshCreates)

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