Help Yourselves

not everyone catches on to the trend
because we die too soon before we can
tell the ancient tales
of our paladin kin…

the pattern goes unnoticed
because we’re too busy struggling
with internal bloodshed
to lift our heads and see
that the nonsense spilling from TV
persuading there’s something wrong with us
we are in deep shit
and in need of help, constantly
the pressure, the anxiety,
do what you gotta do, rustle and bustle
so that guilt doesn’t catch up to you,
that lost time wont reveal itself to you
so you don’t have to deal
with the emotions inside you that are very real,
we’re convinced we are trapped
in an ego that tells lies
not to be trusted and with no compromise
who can you trust
when you’ve been conditioned
not to trust yourself?
when you’ve lost yourself
before you could become yourself
because you must align with your lowest self
to suit their design with shams so sublime

but it’s okay
cause there’s an app for that
there’s a tag for that,
there’s a condition, a disorder, a label for that
there’s a commercial about that
there’s a six pack for that,
I think there’s a six month program for that
there’s still a legal way to obtain that,
a dime sack, a bottle cap and a pill for that
there are spell casting money machines for that
there are clothes, cars and labels
for that hole growing inside our souls
because no one knows
what the fuck is happening to our kind

where are our elders? our mothers? fathers?
who have them?
and I can’t be the only child

we are in desperate need
of human creeds with merit
of human hands
to help the human heart
of soft human words
to curb the nerves
triggered by contradictory terms
and the conditions world

we want to be
we want to conquer
yet, no body knows their birthright
sanctioned by a divine light
currently getting snuffed out
by flickering screens
and jaded histories
and the detached souls
tumbling around inside troubled bodies

where are our families, huh?
I thought we were all one race.
what happened to my family, huh?
somewhere along the line,
we all lost our place in life.
we lost our ability
to learn and grow safely in life

but it’ll be alright,
because slowly,
I think we’re coming into knowing,
questioning what the veil
has been withholding

I’m hoping
the rest wake up soon
it’s damn near past noon

it’s been time to wake up

get up
and help yourselves
while the sun is still up

get up
and help yourselves
can’t count on anyone else

– B. Brown

(art by Italian born Marc Rea. His work is somethin’ else, yall, check him out:

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    1. I’ve been having some issues with that. I can’t figure it out actually…
      and thank you for reading 🙂

      1. My pleasure! Took me a while on my own page to figure out things with widgets, etc. seems like so long ago. It can certainly be a pain. Good luck!

    1. Really? Omg thank you. It means a lot that you shared that with me. I hope you have a beautiful day ❤️

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