Grave Turner

with soil still slipping from my fingertips

he found me, shriveled petals in my hair

with a tombstone corroded long ago

swimming in my dress, noes to the air

watching him from the left

tasting the air, searching for fear


then sighting his crusted shoes

a worn shovel

caked in mineral, fixed focus

as branches whipped

scattering dust and crits

with a lick of his lips

he pasted a recognizing smile

against a haunted face

and a beholding gaze


he nicked the earth

and I flinched

still, ready to quench

a hundred year hunger,

I quivered,

he smells meaty


then he huffed,

well you didn’t need

any help getting out

of there, now did you?

-B. Brown


Thank you for reading 🙂 I’m learning how to write flash fiction so your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Have an inspiring day!


(image courtesy of Pinterest)


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    1. It’s really short story telling, a story in under 500 words, or whichever you choose to be your cap. It’s really good practice

    1. You really think I have a talent for imagery? I’ve been struggling with that for months haha thank you! I guess my practice is paying off. I’m slowly starting to work my way to short stories. I will be posting more about that soon

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