Respects Unpaid

Respects Unpaid

I can’t recall
this woman
who’s voice
you need to hear

and the woman
in your photo,
she disappeared
months ago

if I remember
correctly, no,
I know you
wouldn’t show

unless to know
she was
by the leagues

that woman
who’s life
you put
on hold,

I haven’t
seen her,
icy streets

when she walked
still draped
in a crimson

the face
you think
you know,

by miscarriage
of trust
ages ago,
you know…

that woman
who jumped
and ran
and needed

herself to death
waiting for you
still hopes
you’ll cry

for her,
as she hopes
the rest
of them do

– B. Brown

(Image by: Valerie Hegarty – Flower Frenzy)

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  1. Both picture and poem combine perfectly. The flowers struggle to survive through the wall as the voice of the poem, a woman who breaks free where the “icy streets” and “still draped/ in a crimson/ sheet” are slight remembrances of a difficult past.

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