Woman of Her Word

when my pages are left

in the wind to fend

for themselves,

after my cursor

has winked itself

into limbo,

during a brawl

of thoughts, fighting

for forefront

before my heart

would utter,

stutter a line

and my eyes

ache to cry,

I deny

it’s hard again

to imagine,

see why I try


then, I know that

I need to

look inside again

I feel that

it’s time

to let go again

I need

that desire

to breathe again

I open

again, unfold

to see again

find a window

a door,

any exit

out of this

limbo, tending

to fend

for myself

when I’ve been

brought to forefront

of His mind

and her eye, it’s why

I need to

cast lines

and pray and hope

for a bite,

and watch it come

swimming in



-B. Brown


(artwork by Loui Jover)




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