Breather my sprints hushed with your lush tender nature silencing more than enough, my scoring nature the ticking fades, the sky is indeed blue the wind coos with you why haven't I felt this so soon? - B. Brown


tea still steaming even in the presence of moonlight and billowing curtains, the house still for certain and the blankets mesh and swallow, making her formless, harmless against the night that hovered outside her window the stars were shy to show for the grounds caked in snow, silence until it's split with the distant sound... Continue Reading →


you drink me with your glare until I can spill nothing, until you've made enough room to trickle in touch by touch to flow to pour pleasantries down my spine behind and down my thigh cupping my heel for a real feel of just how much I can truly hold...   -B. Brown   (... Continue Reading →

Cast the Ancient Spells…

My mother's hand would clasp around mine, grasping the pencil, tracing the letters, I learned the art of word structure through my mother's insistence. And her persistence was critical, for reasons I did not know until I found myself craving the crisp landscape of paper, with an ink pen as my wand, I drafted spells... Continue Reading →

Grave Turner

with soil still slipping from my fingertips he found me, shriveled petals in my hair with a tombstone corroded long ago swimming in my dress, noes to the air watching him from the left tasting the air, searching for fear   then sighting his crusted shoes a worn shovel caked in mineral, fixed focus as... Continue Reading →


I can't hear you sailing in through glass blades on crystal winds or pattering my sun roof anymore, my breath aloof how do I live again? -B. Brown   (painting by Wyatt Mills)  


spare me  the virtual intimacy, I'm more of a  hands on learner, don't cheat your pleasures... -B. Brown (image courtesy of Pinterest)


the breeze whipped her wisps a droll display, she sweeps them away and says what are you smiling about? ...just the way She graces you... -B. Brown   viaDailyPrompt: Droll (image: courtesy of Pinterest. This is a photograph of a butterfly wing, ultra close, so intricate.)  

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