3 Quick Writing Tips

1. Find your witching hour. What time of day or night are you most open and honest with yourself? When is your brain is most cooperative and your heart most willing to spill the beans? You have a rhythm that is deeply influenced by the rest of the universe, I promise. You have low and high points. Steady and sporadic beats. Perigees and apogees. Pay attention to yourself and you’ll realize your peak times.

2. Find your totem. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be a silver spinning top like DiCaprio’s. Just something tangible that you can hold that’ll help you tap into deeper areas of yourself, something that triggers or soothes the way you need it to, no matter what, something that will help center you where you need to be, no matter what; an anchor. It helps. I have a little rose-quartz elephant that aids me emotionally.

3. Fix your social media diet. Have you ever felt weighed down by your social media feeds? There’s always that one person who puts out nothing but negative remarks. Or how about those six major news channels that report how tragically the world is burning – in high definition? Is there too much violence, sadness or death in your feeds? That shit effects your flow, I’m so not sorry to say. Broaden your horizons. Expose yourself to the better parts of this world that still remain. Change your diet and fill your feed with affirmations, kittens and beautiful people doing beautiful things. It’ll raise your frequency. Don’t be distracted by the evil. No, no, Satan, not today!

I hope I’ve helped some. It took me a long time to learn these things and I’ve grown from them tremendously. And if you guys have any tips you’d like to share, lay them on me.

– B. Brown

(book sculpture by British artist Bronia Sawyer)