Showing and Telling

There is a difference between telling a story and showing a story.

The wife left the house in anger.

She glared at him, before snatching the ring off and throwing it at his feet. The windows shook as she slammed the door behind her.

Neither is better than the other although most creative writers aim to show what’s happening, to paint a picture that provokes interest. There are times, though, where it is best to tell. Maybe to avoid extra fluff or maybe to simply report something. It depends on your intention; it’s all up to your discretion. Just be mindful about what would be the best way to mediate your concept.

– B. Brown

(art: Woman writing, 1934 by Pablo Picasso)

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  1. When I was more active in online Writer’s Groups I was always told that showing is better than telling. That has always been a challenge to me in my writing especially when I started to branch out from poetry into short stories. I can’t even tell you how many incomplete stories are on my flash drive and on other storage devices. I should name my collection “Unfinished!” LOL!!

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