Does Your Writing Have Rhythm? | Jami Gold, Paranormal Author

I thought this would be a handy article for my writing homies. I certainly learned a few things… 

– B. Brown 

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  1. I experimented with rhythm via Ella Fitzgerald’s famous song A Tisket. A Tasket. Also to mimic memory issues faced by those suffering from Alzheimers. Several of my Aunts were afflicted with this disease some to greater extents than others. I tried to see the disease from the viewpoint of the sufferer which is why I named the piece Fun house Mirrors. Tempos and twinges

    1. I read the post, I really enjoyed it! Thanks for bringing my attention to Miss Ella Fitzgerald again. I haven’t listened to her in forever

      1. Thanks. My goal in this poem and other prose | poems is to capture staccato cadence and dissonance.
        Since I work for a museum I often find an abstract rhythm within the artwork that translates to my writing.
        Paintings and sculptures have their own special rhythm unique to each viewer. Amazing!

    1. You can make one if you’re not sure. Make yourself write everyday at a certain time, a time when it’s most peaceful and you can connect with yourself. Eventually your mind and soul will become accustomed to opening during that time 🙂

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