she breathed a sigh into the musky air
hips and neck rigid from wear

with slick skin and damp hair
her fingers trace her tummy

she felt so yummy,
wanted, his eyes were bigger

than his stomach when he locked on her
he flaunted her

he needed her
she turned over and purred

slid a chin over his shoulder
then covered him as fur

his body still a smolder

but he’d never been colder

his body recovering from shivers
exhaling in slivers

her body on his
lips boxing him in with kisses

her desire to be his
marking him with nips and scratches

consuming him, bit by bit
releasing himself into the burning pit

the only hit to make him want to quit
this sensationally stealthy thriller

but the more he fills her
the less he can fight her

– B. Brown

(art by Patricia March via Flicker)

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