your favorite piece to critique every flaw and mistake romanticized globalized in your domain, as the phantom that shadows your stage plowing performance just existing just mediating a message of my salvaged tastes to think I'd lay waste to your brilliance your grace however fated was never my place to commentate or delegate your affinities... Continue Reading →


with binary thinking, coding on terms of written prophecies its processes terminally perform in overdrive pushing capacity, a mutated programming overrunning chance happenings, bodily spontaneity overriding natural free writing mechanically at play -B. Brown (art: Future Gnawi WARRIOR by belkacem zegaoui)


you didn't figure my short leash into the picture my shackle sores I love to live to endure rope lines I'm embroidered it is the texture you've grown so fond of as delirious as I am from suspension my submission to a grander commission my raw knees from crawling every morning a twisted tongue from... Continue Reading →


no touch made unsure, a brush of tenderness just shy of pleasure to be smothered with a blade of comfort... I cannot realize myself from this other. without a line to define with no kiss too meager or a must of lust to start a fuss around every corner I embrace and I absorb with... Continue Reading →


hot, calm - no grounding when we crossed, we made it dark no more bulbs pounding - B. Brown (art by Carol Burgo)


what's this dialect that I'm hearin? coatin every careful word I'm searin; withholdin a flash front, scorchin': don't be a hero! (fireballs laughin) butcha whims as thick as ya skin hard-headed to win (gigglin) a drunk like me, hi slurrin all forms (I predict storms) and ya rain cloud, rumblin with warm showers and I... Continue Reading →

I Believed She’d Always Be

I Believed She’d Always Be youthfully drowsy, I believed she'd always be but I felt it, the fragility, the fatigue the trauma racking mentally, frequently allowed for it to creep silently, to fester to make her air thick and her words slick still, I couldn't fathom such a stealthy killer such an intimate thriller for... Continue Reading →

Showing and Telling

There is a difference between telling a story and showing a story. Telling: The wife left the house in anger. Showing: She glared at him, before snatching the ring off and throwing it at his feet. The windows shook as she slammed the door behind her. Neither is better than the other although most creative... Continue Reading →

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