Some Sweet Writing Tips

Start with the small goal of writing one sentence a day, and you’ll write a thousand. Simplicity is the best form of writing, and the only way to be a writer is to sit down and begin with that first word. Said is not dead. Using the word very is lazy, but most people are […]... Continue Reading →

Does She See Me Too?

so there's this girl... she just showed up one day on earth, and breezed by me with a warm smile but haunted, flickering eyes. i didn't pay much attention to her until she made an effort to speak kindly to me. her voice brought a smile out of me, as if her pleasantries were code... Continue Reading →


drained, strained and manacledpumped with liquid restrainther leaded veinskeep her traineda clouded mindkeeps her sane- B. Brown(art by Francoise Nielly - Inside me)


i write this now as my brain swishes beneathe by crown as my vision sways with the teetering room i miss you now i missed you then and i'll probably miss you when my mind comes back again because there's no amount of booze that could get rid of you or your laughter or your... Continue Reading →


from no where a gust of humid air to stick to my hair to weigh my head up     allowing much to see so much heat from a refreshing spring within a hideaway within glacial caves that numb and refract     after hailing waves at high altitudes snatching my breath the purest oxygen to arrest... Continue Reading →


what holds you here tethered and scared of your own dreams? where are your lashings? you cry victim hood you're burning but what keeps you standing? what keeps you planted tall against distant screams how long have you been here? lurking? what have you been thinking? what will it take to get you running? and... Continue Reading →

Childhood Treasure

it wasn't a doll, though I had plenty, or the cars or blocks lost in my memories I had teddy bears from wall to wall even footballs and basket balls she wanted me to have it all all she never did but mostly what I miss are the hardcovers and paperbacks she'd read aloud with... Continue Reading →


your skin was liquid amber to one day encase my existence to preserve my essence to show the world I once breathed air - B. Brown (image courtesy of Pinterest. Protofeather fossils discovered entombed in amber from the Late Cretaceous era)


mass production a dollar per the dozen controlling output rerouting input await for approval from algorithms that rule... only the clones can fake it through - B. Brown (image by Axel Sauerwald)


now I spit out the bloody tooth and smile nothing scares me I’ve already seen my death come on, that’s it what else you got for me? - B. Brown This poem is from my book, Amnesia. Sometimes I have to go back and look at earlier poems to find my place again...

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