too similar on the regular
inflicting constant affection
mucking up my complexion

kisses side swiping
you rushing to love me
blindly, so kindly
quickly binding

(but there’s only so much running
anyone can do, before He finds you

my stow away, to push away
paranoid ways
and destroy guards
that kept the bullshit at bay
why vex me vulnerable

my hide away
(till you saw Her in me
disappointed, heavily

but you knew my means)
as a treat for my distrust
you tried me
and try to pry my
from the slivers
of my dignity

from all that
is left of me

and with you gone
I can get back
to rebuilding

– B. Brown

(Melting Flora by Nick Knight)

via DailyPrompt: Treat

How to Create an Internal Mindset Conducive to Writing | Jane Friedman

There are two mental settings that are particularly relevant for writers:

  • Fixed or growth mindset
  • Abundance or scarcity mindset

Jane makes a very important point on her post. If we are constantly learning and growing, so will our talent and creativity. We shouldn’t worry about tapping out. We also shouldn’t assume that just because something has been done already, it wouldn’t be worth our time telling a story with our own voice. Our perspective is unique and that’s what makes people want to read your ish: your personal style. Being too critical and wondering what the next guy is doing will only stunt your creativity. That’s why mindset is important. 

Too often we second guess ourselves and our work, but our individual work is all that we can produce honestly. Don’t second guess yourself, improve yourself and find out what you need to do to make yourself stand out.

Write every day and you’ll find your way.

– B. Brown

(image courtesy of Pinterest)