Become The Realest

its time grow up,
the crying
and blaming
won’t ever be enough
this world is tough

to try to force it
as anything other
will only bring you to suffer

if your swimming upstream
you have to learn
to assert your dreams
control your feelings
and harness your ego
cause if you don’t,
then life will have it’s go

and it’s way
with your doubt
and your insecurities
your weaknesses
and obscurities

and in reality,
you’re gonna
hurt one way or another
whether you face
your truth or not
so why cower?

why play the victim?
why diminish
before you have finished?
why live life

accept the conditions
and start thickening
your skin

cause time often leaves
behind those
can’t become
their realest

and that’s real

– B. Brown

This is my first spoken word audio. Please, tell me what you think and help me to improve


I’m learning what all these lines and buttons mean. This is a whole new language. Pray for me, y’all haha. I’ve been practicing spoken word and its been difficult to develop my voice but I tell myself I can only get better if I keep at it. Hopefully, I can post this audio today, provided I don’t make my computer combust in sparks and flames. I’m excited and scared to hear your feedback honestly haha but you all have been very real and respectful with your critique and lawd knows I need that now more than ever haha stay tuned, homies!