there once was time,
my name on your tongue
was savored something sweet and warm,
and when you touched me,
you carved trails
that no one else could prevail
you’d search for me, remember?
blushed for me, i remember,
you’d think of cheesy ways
to flirt or draw me near,
just to smell the fragrance i always wear
and our air was always rippled
with unspoken relations still hunkering
from the night before, i adored you
the more you needed me, wouldn’t you agree?
we wanted to give each other anything,
and, everything or nothing
we tried, cried and lied so passionately
all for the sake of merit, acceptance and tribulations,
can’t you recall how we had it all?
beauty and brains, sunshine and rain,
snow and hellfire, insecurities and needs,
still i loved as honestly as i could,
though i doubt you understood
how the little things bore into me,
and made a shit hole of a home inside me,
one i still drown in every time
i look at you and remember
that we used to love so heavily,
now, you can’t even look at me

– B. Brown

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

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