Spat Out

I’d knew it’d get stuck in my teeth

but I’m a child with spacious eyes

who’s been deprived

and I thought if I took my time,

peeling away the melted layer,

pry it with only my lips,

roll it over my tongue a few times,

I’ll find it’s flavor ’cause it was my favorite color, I came to my favorite store,

with coins and more,

should I wanted to try a few more

but I was sure,

I would like it, I could like it, I could…

tolerate it, work with it,

maybe with my needs to chase it, 

it’d give me a profound effect but I gave,  pressed it on the roof of my mouth,

split and parted it,

broke because I couldn’t help it

the satisfying smack, slurp and pop

why not go all in for the full experience?

it was meant to be eaten, chewed and cherished

but no one told me of it’s center,

the wrapper was bare from a barrel backed into a corner, it’s sour, tacky, tart center

that splintered and stuck my tongue,

gritted my teeth had me choking,

how could this bitter bite

come from candy so sweet?

– B. Brown 

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  1. I just finished your book. Wow ! I’ll share my thoughts soon, but I was blown away …

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