Does She See Me Too?

so there’s this girl… she just showed up one day on earth, and breezed by me with a warm smile but haunted, flickering eyes. i didn’t pay much attention to her until she made an effort to speak kindly to me. her voice brought a smile out of me, as if her pleasantries were code for, I’m hurting too, but look, we’re trying and we both deserve some recognition. and she remembered my name after days and called me beautiful. call me a hopeless romantic but that’s just beautiful, and so where her glacial blue eyes once i looked a little longer. and she’d died her hair about ten shades darker, i still wonder if she’s brilliantly blond or mahogany brown just like my skin. and she covered hers with power about ten shades brighter, her eyebrows were natural but tame and she always wears lipstick that mirrors the flame of my curiosity, she prances boldly but speaks softly and sometimes i hope it’s just for me but i know a girl like her was meant to grace the world not just the wounded soul that sometimes seeps through my skin, i don’t even think she knows how aware of her i am, adoring her from a distance, wanting to prove to her how holy she is, how the moon follows her where she goes, shining a safe and silent light. this girl is something else, and i hope i’ll eventually get to know her

B. Brown




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