Why Not?

why not enjoy it while it lasts this truth that's come to pass nothing flourishes forever love you or not, maybe I need you why not, maybe you'll want me to stay why test it, why pick at it there will never be another night quite as cool or quite as calm quiet enough to... Continue Reading →

In One Sitting

I spilled myself into you everything Ive ever wanted to let slip away freely blindly eagerly and it left me empty save the tea leaves forewarning a breach in my psyche - B. Brown (image courtesy of Pinterest)


this one time, for one night only, you belonged to me and I was nobody's, free to be reckless, as rough and eager as we knew we both needed, I thought we were harmless and we believed it we were careless winded and massless falling harder than we wanted this night for this time only... Continue Reading →

Cup of Sugar

you're there with a craving for the coconut milk that polishes my skin, my neck, lavished with lavender and my honey-lemon stained tongue with a faint fragrance of a hard working day wet bark and grass, earth cigarette smoke, motor oil and rum or maybe dry erase, coffee and wood shavings in any case, you're... Continue Reading →

My Pardon

I leave my dark work to karma, your blows will only produce poetry after I've turned the other cheek, uplifting me -B. Brown (art courtesy of Pinterest, but if anyone knows the artist, please enlightenment me because I love this style)  

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