Check In

why are you smiling? he asked puzzled

as if I needed a reason to smile,

it’s been a good day, I tell him

oh, you’ve musta made some money today, he said

I shrug, well, there’s that too, I say

but I’ve had this smile since I woke up

in a bed of books and papers and cheez-its,

assignments submitted, word counts achieved, I wanted to tell him

I wanted to say that the dream I’d been having was reluctant to let me go,

that it had more to show me, more it wanted me to know

I wanted to add, it had been a promise that,

what I was working towards was within my grasp

but instead I asked, why are you smiling?

’cause you are, he said to me

– when your guardian angel comes to check on you

– B. Brown

(oil painting by Kathy Jones)




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