Looking Back

us children
loved the winds
on our scalps,
pumping concrete
to slip through
webbed panels
of rickety get-away chariots
to ease the time

us children
rode the waves
with satin ties
and scuffed Filas
dropping off smokes
and picking up plates
staying out late

the many weeks foiled
cause of red-handed
cookie jar days
and manacled ankles
through metal detectors
we frolicked

us children,
with plastic baggy
wallets, mini bikes
and branches for bats,
red and blue caps
to match the masked
mirrors and asphalt
the ice cream truck
we were taught
to stow away
or the sunny-day-surprises
would cost
us children
too many lives lost

– B. Brown

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

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  1. Beautiful combination of words, so well written, musical, powerful, sensual and touching. A lovely tribute to the lives of all these children. Love it!

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