Writing Tips: Breathing Space

We want to know the most,
so we research, listen and watch

to be better,
so we think, plot and execute

to become the best,
so we wake, push and write

and write and write and write
and write some more

until it becomes a chore
an assignment, a quota, a demand

and then we reprimand
ourselves with a shaking hand

under conditional rules
with splintered tools

we are fools for this love,
this creative writing passion

overthinking, mind overcrowding
with words, lines and pages

but we are not computers
or vending machines

we are sages, creating
dimensions from absolutely nothing

who need water to feel
and winds to heed

time and space, balance
and room to breathe

– B. Brown

Don’t forget to allow yourself to unwind. Pushing yourself , holding yourself to higher standards, demanding more from yourself is necessary to improve yourself but our brains are muscles, don’t forget that. Our brains are muscles so don’t forget that it can be strained, torn and snapped. Allow yourself a break from the craft to recharge your talent.

and if you’re still not convinced…

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