how did I let this happen?
the dust settling
leaves applauding
silence preluding
with a cracking voice
bit lip
and quivering chin
it’s all in dissolution
the serpent striking
it’s own tail
within my grip
and the knife slips
clattering to the pavement
and there will be payment
no matter how sweet
the leaks
from my goblet
how could this happen?
the sly slaughterers
observe from the sides
it’s all fallen away
and I made it happen
with a single wave
what is there left
to save?

– B. Brown

(image by self-taught visual artist Fabio Selvatici)

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  1. Entirely agree with alejojoyner’s comment: fresh, eloquent, poignant poem. Also, Selvatici’s artwork combines perfectly with the words you express so beautifully. I truly admire your ability to turn something so horrendous, hopeless and destructive as expressed with words like “desperation”, “cracking voice”, “serpent striking its tail”, the “knife slips clattering to the pavement”, etc., into truth and beauty. This poem looks like a horror poem turned into beauty itself. Reminds me of Sylvia Plath’s poems. Love it! Perhaps you want to have a look at a poem I wrote about keeping ourselves afloat:

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