My Story Still Continues…

I published my first book back in November. I emptied everything I struggled with into it and then sent it off to the world. My friend asks me why I haven’t been promoting it and I told her the truth, even though it was kind of silly.

The truth is that I’m a teeny bit embarrassed about how much I put into it. I gave it my all, like I was supposed to but still, putting such tender pieces of myself onto those pages… it’s like I’m not ready for the entire world to know yet.


I still relieved it’s out there and I know that it could help someone who struggles with loss and their faith just like I do. At least from these pages, someone will know they’re not alone. That there is someone else out there with the same hang ups about family, love and death.

If you’re interested, you can find my book here: Amnesia

I’m working on another collection of poetry as well. This one will be a little less solemn as it is about learning love and understanding the beauty of our nature. My story still continues and I hope to share more with you guys soon.

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  1. For me, I hate my first book. My daughter thinks it worth readdressing, we’ll see. Thanks for the link! Good luck! I’ve got three more in the works, two little ones and a big one!

    1. So it’s not just me? That helps haha part of me cringes but the other is still so happy it’s out. Do you have any links?

      1. Haha! My ego! I took it down. Thanks for asking. I actually started a second volume a couple of years ago which I like. So I guess I’m destined to rewrite. .., After these others. 🙂

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