Surprise Gift

I told herwhere not to touch, not to bite, not to pinchwhat tickledmade me jerk, went too deepmade me spasmbut the gasps...and the moansthe pleasureand the pastthe restit didn't matteras I was latheredwith a sudden rapture- B. Brown(image courtesy of Pinterest)


sharpening, refiningtill the edge sheds with a kiss    and tomorrow,    which trenches    will be torn through?buffing, shiningtill the spine is glistening    and who's life    will trickle    from the grip to tip?engraving, unveilingtill championed and praised    and today    what wars    will be faced?- B. Brown(art by Mariusz... Continue Reading →


how did I let this happen? the dust settling leaves applauding silence preluding desperation realization grimacing with a cracking voice bit lip and quivering chin it's all in dissolution the serpent striking it's own tail within my grip and the knife slips clattering to the pavement and there will be payment no matter how sweet... Continue Reading →

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