Journal: Tight Rope

I’ve been walking a tight rope lately,
my arms stretched as far as they’d go
into the winds,
challenging my balance…

I don’t know what keeps this line suspended,
tight enough to hold my weight,
slack enough to keep me wavering…

I do my best not to look down,
I’ve fallen before,
rather not have it happen again,
but it’s tempting…

I keep inching, hoping for something
anything, an intervention
divine, an intermissive stimulation

I keep hoping for a surprise,
looking for a sign saying maybe
it wouldn’t be the worst
thing to dive, to get it over with

to slip and accept with grace
another body to offer a chance,
an extraction from my delayed reaction,

this fear of forming any attachments…

– B. Brown

(image by Alain Laboile)

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  1. I think we all walk a tight rope at times. Even if the precarious content is unique to each of us. From what I can see, the poetry is helping you find a rhythm between sways as you attempt to walk. That is good for you. It’s also good for us who enjoy your observations and the poems about them. 🙂

    1. Poetry has definitely helped me to make sense of some things. And thank you 🙂 your encouragement means a lot. I’m going to be trying out some new techniques soon and I can’t wait to share what I come up with

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