Digital Bullet Journaling… but for Writers?

So… is anyone else into digital journaling? Ever since I got my Galaxy Tab s3, it’s been my latest obsession. I love notebooks and planners but sadly, I could never stick to them for a variety of understandable ( I swear they are) reasons.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with some templates that suit a writer’s lifestyle. You know what I mean, word count goals, chapters completed and what not.

I’d like to hear some thoughts. If you do digitally plan or journal, what platform do you use? What device?

– B. Brown

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  1. Google Docs. Convenience. Basically Google can be on your laptop and smart phone. You might not be able to bring your laptop to work but you can begin a story or poem in Google Docs and finish it up on your home computer. In my former job as a museum security officer job it was not convenient for me to carry a laptop back and forth on the subway train plus since security guards wear uniforms my cell phone fit right into the jacket pocket so during my breaks I could type away.

      1. I suppose I gravitate to Google Docs because I can sort out my thoughts then copy and paste into a Blog Post. Also unlike MS Word which I used to rely upon greatly, Google Docs comes with the Google+ universe. Meaning I don’t have to spend extra money for a word-processing program.

  2. Of course being a bit old fashioned I would still purchase the pocket sized notebooks and journals from the Museum Gift shop. They came in all sizes and the small ones fit inside my uniform.

    1. I love the little pocket ones. Tuesday mornings has the best decorative books. I just got a dark floral one that I’m probably just going to adore from a distance until a figure out a worthy purpose

  3. Keeping everything in the Google Family makes things easy or easier. My photos go to the Cloud and I can just put text and pictures where they need to be. I like to keep this simple.

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