Pulled Apart

on display sold as is no returns after alterations so you were stuck with me defective, useless for your prerogatives, unaware that I was more than what you wanted I was everything that you needed - B. Brown (Doll Chateau Stacia)

My Story Still Continues…

I published my first book back in November. I emptied everything I struggled with into it and then sent it off to the world. My friend asks me why I haven't been promoting it and I told her the truth, even though it was kind of silly. The truth is that I'm a teeny bit... Continue Reading →

A Little Extra

with everything that I am, with breast that have fed, the marks that snake up and down my tummy and thighs, my blood shot eyes and stiff shoulders and mind, my calloused feet and swollen tear ducts no one wants to admit that I'm more than just a good fuck, that their touch runs deeper... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be An Amateur

I'm an herb that burns slowly,fifty-percent THCnot a teato temper,I toss realities,slow you downso you can see,so you can thinkso you won't be the samewith meand without me,you'll be hurting,so don't take melightly,I have an after effectthat's enlighteningor traumatizingany way you have ityour world will changeprofoundlyif you keepon smoking me- B. Brown(art by Cliff Briggie)

Pull After Pull

she will soak the sleepless night with her praise, as glistening sheets cascade where they may fleeing from folds of limbs, bids that bend, moans and yips that rinse the walls amongst rain scented pillow cases that cup and caress strained faces the moon, she will rush the room push and pull wave and you... Continue Reading →

As Can Be

I caught you staring at me,as if I were a thing of beautyas if these scars didn't maulthe silk of my skinas if you weren't afraidto freeze in the blizzardof my gaze,as if there wasn't bloodsmeared from my chin to my cheekas if my lungs weren't soakedwith the tarof my angstI saw yousee me as... Continue Reading →

Surprise Gift

I told herwhere not to touch, not to bite, not to pinchwhat tickledmade me jerk, went too deepmade me spasmbut the gasps...and the moansthe pleasureand the pastthe restit didn't matteras I was latheredwith a sudden rapture- B. Brown(image courtesy of Pinterest)


sharpening, refiningtill the edge sheds with a kiss    and tomorrow,    which trenches    will be torn through?buffing, shiningtill the spine is glistening    and who's life    will trickle    from the grip to tip?engraving, unveilingtill championed and praised    and today    what wars    will be faced?- B. Brown(art by Mariusz... Continue Reading →


how did I let this happen? the dust settling leaves applauding silence preluding desperation realization grimacing with a cracking voice bit lip and quivering chin it's all in dissolution the serpent striking it's own tail within my grip and the knife slips clattering to the pavement and there will be payment no matter how sweet... Continue Reading →

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