She rests a knee on the edge of the bed, fluffing the collar of her fleece robe, "I'm clean," she smiles, sleepily. "Are you?" She frowns. "What's that supposed to mean, Johnny Boy?" She bubbles with laughter, wisps of her damp hair sliding along her now bare shoulders. She holds the robe closed with a... Continue Reading →

Check In

why are you smiling? he asked puzzled as if I needed a reason to smile, it's been a good day, I tell him oh, you've musta made some money today, he said I shrug, well, there's that too, I say but I've had this smile since I woke up in a bed of books and... Continue Reading →

The Violet Nights

She pulls herself back onto the love seat, untangling herself from the throw and weighted limbs. Bare to the mahogany nylon threads, she scoops her knee into the bend of her elbow, trailer scenes looping against the light above the kitchen sink, above the body she left simmering next to the coffee table, unmoved upon... Continue Reading →


"The bag was my favorite color, maroon on the edge of the bed in the curtained room," a view most prominent as she fiddled with condiments, riddled by the comment, her friend, broke from the feeds, table glaze kissing the screen she crossed her legs, elbows to wood, knuckles to jaw and she listened, in... Continue Reading →


tea still steaming even in the presence of moonlight and billowing curtains, the house still for certain and the blankets mesh and swallow, making her formless, harmless against the night that hovered outside her window the stars were shy to show for the grounds caked in snow, silence until it's split with the distant sound... Continue Reading →

Grave Turner

with soil still slipping from my fingertips he found me, shriveled petals in my hair with a tombstone corroded long ago swimming in my dress, noes to the air watching him from the left tasting the air, searching for fear   then sighting his crusted shoes a worn shovel caked in mineral, fixed focus as... Continue Reading →

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