I’ve Returned

and where've I been? easing from under the shade of my apple tree whose roots have broken concrete, whose fruits have fallen too soon from the faintest winds, where have I been? cowering amongst rotten cores and tics disguised as seeds hailing Mary every time I thought I heard my mirror speak... but my reflection... Continue Reading →

Journal: This Morning

This morning, she asks me, Is she in heaven with Babydoll?   Probably not together, I tell her, your grandmother didn't like snakes.   Cats? Yes. Doggies? Yes.   I love her, Mommy. Yes, honey, I know.   She loves you too.   - B. Brown   Just leave it to our children to remind... Continue Reading →

Check In

why are you smiling? he asked puzzled as if I needed a reason to smile, it's been a good day, I tell him oh, you've musta made some money today, he said I shrug, well, there's that too, I say but I've had this smile since I woke up in a bed of books and... Continue Reading →


I shed blood now you want to declaw me but no one can keep me from what I am naturally - B. Brown (art: Petit Chat Siamois, Theophile Steinlen, 1914)

It’s Time

nothing but heaven where she once thought there would be doom after leaping from a weeping chrysalis upon first gasp of morning for letting the tears congeal thereafter hands peel and unfold bones fixated for so long via breaking tendons following lungs expanding eyes opening awareness there is something out there I cannot live here... Continue Reading →


trapped with a salvaged map, trucking through catacombs lit white as bone with flames that maimed bloodlines sacred rhymes made claim as the only holy domain he walks over floors worn scorned walls caked, torn and bubbled as the ceiling crumbles rubble   pacing down rumbling tunnels paranoid the thunder of stampeding those roaming freely... Continue Reading →


I can hear Her humming through my windows circling me I settle in on a bed of coal, caffeinated under a shade of haze, contemplative reflecting on my days, bewildered by how I've survived to come to know Her as each breath slowed, eternal after all every hair on end as She wafts in, above... Continue Reading →

Who Keeps Me Going

you woke up this morning smiling and bouncing never mind last night, it's new mommy in fresh light with the same hair same glasses, same missed matched socks, same puffy eyes you see sometimes, same love that'll try even harder this time with the smile alive only 'cause of you - B. Brown Sometimes, I... Continue Reading →


stones dropped, one by one down my frail well, dusk and dawn, dawn louder each dusk -B. Brown (Mosaic Artist - Sonia King Mosaics)

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