Some Sweet Writing Tips

Start with the small goal of writing one sentence a day, and you’ll write a thousand. Simplicity is the best form of writing, and the only way to be a writer is to sit down and begin with that first word. Said is not dead. Using the word very is lazy, but most people are […]... Continue Reading →


you may have posted a poem the other day about heartache and frustration or maybe you shared a short romantic story one that'd been simmering in your mind for ages or maybe you had the strength to drag a traumatic experience out into the open as memoir or journal entry... what ever it was, it... Continue Reading →

Nurture Your Setting – a quick tip

I've been reading The Shining by Steven King. The Overlook Hotel is a magical place of death, suffering and horny lady ghosts. King infused solid character into his setting by giving it a rich history and imposing stature. It has dimensions, a personality and intent (getting it's hosts drunk and highly suggestable, which gets awkward... Continue Reading →

How to Create an Internal Mindset Conducive to Writing | Jane Friedman There are two mental settings that are particularly relevant for writers: Fixed or growth mindset Abundance or scarcity mindset Jane makes a very important point on her post. If we are constantly learning and growing, so will our talent and creativity. We shouldn't worry about tapping out. We also shouldn't assume that just because something... Continue Reading →

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